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    The School of Computer was established in 2012, whose education history dated back to Computer Software Program in Department of Mathematics in 1984. In 1992, the Department of Computer Science was established independently and renamed to School of Computer in 2012. After 20 years’ hard work and united efforts from all faculty members and students, the School of Computer has successfully developed into an academically sturdy and distinctive polytechnic college with full range of majors. At present, there are five departments – “Computer Sciences”, “Computer Engineering”, “Computer Software”, “Computer Application” and “Public Computer”, as well as three undergraduate programs – Computer Science & Technology, Software Engineering and Internet of Things in the college. Among which, Computer Science & Technology program was elected as the 2012 Undergraduate Program for Cultivating Strategic New (Pillar) Industry Talents in Hubei Provincial General Institutions of Higher Education. The college is entitled to confer Master Degree of Engineering in respectively Computer Technology and Software Engineering; it is also entitled to confer first class discipline Doctor Degree of Management Science and Engineering. In collaboration with relevant disciplines, the college has also added three interdisciplinary doctoral programs autonomously in “Chinese Information Processing”, “Educational Information Technology” and “Cultural Resources and Industry”.

    The college has a faculty team of 76 members currently, including 2 experts from national “Thousand Talents” program, 1 national level candidate from “Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”, 1 candidate from New Century Talent Plan by the Ministry of Education, 1 candidate from Hundred Talent Plan by Hubei Province, 8 doctorial supervisors, 16 professors and 22 associate professors. There are around 1000 full time students in the college, among which, 700 are undergraduates and 300 are postgraduates.

    The college is equipped with facilities such as National Network Media Center for Monitoring and Researching of Language Resource, Provincial Experimental Teaching Center of Elementary Computer Education, National Experimental Teaching Center of Liberal Arts, two university level key laboratories in Computer Network Theory & Application Technology and Chinese Information Processing, as well as 5 research institutions in Network & Communication, Computer Information Theory & Control Engineering, Software Engineering, Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Control & Safety.

    The college has established its distinctive characteristics in research fields such as data mining, information retrieval, network and Communication, Chinese information processing, educational informationization, software engineering, Internet of Things and Bioinformatics. Multiple research findings of the college have reached international advanced level. It has received about 20 awards in research and teaching from provincial level or above, and officially published more than 50 academic monographs and textbooks. In recent three years, the college has also undertaken several national and provincial projects including National Major Science and Technology Support Program, 863 Program and National Science Foundation of China.

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